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U.S. Address
Baden K9 Incorporated
P.O.Box 13
Main Street Post Office
Niagara Falls, NY,
U.S.A., 14302

Canadian Address
Baden K9 Incorporated
P.O. Box 106
Wellandport, ON.,
Canada, LOR 2J0
"Experience the Difference by Training at Baden K9"



    Our training staff is comprised of active trained personnel who have many years of experience with working dogs.

    Our courses usually run from 3-14 days in length, depending on the type of course that you are interested in. They all include the application of our obstacle courses, which are of military style. Theory is covered in our indoor classrooms. All of the courses are very intensive, designed to build confidence and ability in both handler and dog. For this reason anyone attending must be in good physical condition.

    Class sizes are limited. Special offers are made to more than a one-man team. Some of the courses are available only to law enforcement, military personnel, or security firms. We must have written request on department letterhead with a name of a contact person.

    We reserve the right to deny training to anyone, for any reason. A deposit is required and full payment is due prior to the start of the course. The deposit is refundable if written cancellation is received 30 days or more prior to the scheduled date of the course.

    A liability form, releasing Baden K9 from any and all liability which may occur while at this facility, must be signed upon arrival.Client confidentiality is assured at all times.

    Badens' Law Enforcement Seminar
    One day Seminar
    This is a refresher one day seminar.
    Good for anyone interested in or working for Security or Law Enforcement.
    Some of the areas covered but not limited to, will be:

  • Building Entry
  • Handler Stress
  • Suspect Track Work
  • Protection Work.

    These seminars/clinics are excellent for security firms or anyone wishing to expand their K-9 handling skills.
    The cost is $150.00 US. A deposit is required.
    Call us for tentative dates and reserve your spot or if you have further questions please contact us.

    Badens' Bootcamp Training
    This boot camp is designed from our military style training but refined and offered at the civilian level.

    The civilian level of the boot camp was started because of a noted interest from people who want to build their confidence and are looking for a change of pace from a gym or a conventional fitness regimen.The courses are designed for people to overcome their fears and provide a sense of accomplishment.

    People are encouraged to work together. If an individual is having a problem, it shouldn't hinder the teams' success but rather they work together and accomplish the goal. The training is designed to build self-confidence and self-discipline, which, hopefully, will resonate into each client's personal as well as their professional life. This is a course for those who are willing to not only face life's dragons, but overcome them.

    The philosophy applied to the training embodies the old family values of honesty, integrity, responsibility and the drive to get the job done.

    Some of the ways the boot camp does this is:

  • rock climbing
  • climbing walls
  • close quarter confinement
  • survival training
  • rappelling
  • rope climbing
  • use of our military style obstacle course
  • crawling under barbed wire

    The facility houses barracks, set in five acres of bush, with shower facilities, classrooms, village, a man made lake with a 125-foot cable cross-over bridge and a stocked fishpond. The clients must be in good health. Use of proper diet is encouraged.

    The cost of the course is $150.00 per day. Group rates apply and class size is limited.

    These courses are given with experienced drill instructors on a tactical field. Corporate groups, youth groups and private individuals are all welcome.

    Courses can run from three days to fourteen days. Customized courses can be arranged.

    Working Service Dog Training (3 days)
    This course combines the most intense man made and natural obstacles to create a high level of confidence and stability in both dog and handler. Obedience work is always integrated with the Working Service Training

  • Stabilization of a dog and handler under extreme conditions
  • distinguishing friendliness from hostility
  • taking control of your dog without causing panic
  • various areas of protection work are covered
  • You will be taught to read your dog, enabling better handling and ensuring optimum performance.

    Advanced Working Service Dog Training (5 days)
    This course is a combination of the first course but is more military in style.
    Dogs are worked through:

  • fire
  • smoke
  • water
  • hostile terrain and deployed under fire
  • It is recommended for handlers and dogs that already have a secure working career together.

    S.A.R (3day, level 1)
    These courses are both fascinating and awakening look at scent. To fully understand and track a target, you must understand human nature as well as the K9's natual ability.

    This course covers scent indication and how scent is affected by;
  • terrain
  • climate
  • weather conditions
  • type surfaces
  • Scent Identification will be touched on along with grid searching. Most importantly you will learn how to read and communicate with your dog, under extreme conditions and situations. Effective communication is the key to success.

    S.A.R. (5 day, level 2)
    More extensive training is done at the second level course. Level 1 elements will be studied more in-depth along with;

  • man tracking and searching techniques
  • grid searches
  • orientation and natural direction lessons
  • scent discrimination
  • Both levels of S.A.R. training are performed in all types of weather on all types of terrain, man made and natural. Learn the theory as well as the application, classroom and practical methods of training are utilized.

    Specialized Training for Law Enforcement, Military or Security Personnel Only (6-30 days) These courses requires an already stable dog and will cover the following;

    Weapons Work
  • Techniques for disarmament of a weapon or weapons
  • Crowd Control
  • In situations that demand a cool head and a quick hand, a good stable dog is also demanded. When surrounded or faced with multiple targets this type of training is a must. Learn to take control, without panicking.
  • Extreme Prejudice Deployment
  • Underground tunneling, building entries, fire and smoke work, along with the use of the intense obstacle course, is utilized here.
  • Attack on Handler, Handler down, and Multiple Attackers
  • This will teach handlers, whether singular or as a unit, proper techniques for tactical deployment of a K9.
  • Tactical K9 Deployment
  • Clients will be taught the proper means of tactical deployment of a K9 unit in a variety of real life scenarios. Once again the use of fire, smoke, water, etc., is used. A capable dog should show no hesitation in being deployed.
  • Hostage Recovery
  • Clients will be taught covert entry techniques; security systems bypass theory. Targetidentification and neutralization, and team communications are taught as well.
  • Building Searches
  • Proper procedures for entering a building, griding out buildings as well as work attitude are taught here.
  • Criminal Apprehension
  • Proper restraint of a suspect and proper positioning of a K9, both armed and unarmed, are shown here.
  • Detection Dog Training (4 days)
    This training covers the detection and indication of different narcotics as well as a variety of explosives and accelerates. We will cater to the specific needs of different agencies.
    Contact us for more details.

    Tactical Entry (5 day)
    This course includes the following:

  • Tactics in Counter Terrorism
  • Identification of Terrorist
  • Explosive Devices
  • Fortified Village Entry Tactics
  • Urban Confrontational Tactics
  • Team Coverage under Stress
  • Obstacle Course P.E.
  • Knife Tactics
  • Night Recon-Target Identification
  • Out of Position Shooting with applied stress K9 courses for the above include a 5 dog entry team. Barrack conditions with hydro and water restrictions available. Also offered without the use of the barracks.

    Rappelling and Tactical Training-basic (2 day)
    This course includes:

  • safety
  • rope care
  • rappelling and equipment use
  • rappelling off a 30 ft. wall

    Advanced (3 day)
    This course includes the same elements as the basic with more intensity.

  • safety
  • rope care
  • rappelling and equipment use
  • rappelling off a 60 ft. wall

    Explosive, Accelerant Detection Course
    This course consists of 40 hours of classroom time and 57 hours of field time.
    In class work (40 hours) Includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Explosive
  • Scent identification and location and secondary devices
  • Location and indication of terrorist explosives
  • Handler and dog team motivation and theory. Both dogs and handlers are together in the classroom, which adds to control and stability of the team. Proper search and entry techniques are given in Theory. Problems and solutions faced under stress are also covered.

    Field Work (57 hours) Includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • All phases of obstacle work, including rappelling and subterranean work. Stress is applied to the teams here and is video taped. After viewing the video, problems are met and solved with hands on teaching technique.
  • Stress work includes building, vehicle and field searches for explosives as well as range work.
  • The reading of body language and K-9 indication. Fieldwork is done in all types of weather in both day and night settings. These courses are designed to produce the most effective E.R.T. in the field today.

    The cost of the course is $300.00 US a day, per man.
    Use of our barracks and lunch is included in the cost. Any arrangements for vehicle leasing, motel reservations or pick up at one of the airports, (Toronto or Buffalo) can be made in advance by our staff.

    Executive Protection Training Course
    Many people are high-risk individuals and corporations, usually related to their of work Close personal protection service is often needed when they travel or are exposed while in transit from work site, home, public places or office. Baden offers training for handlers and their K9s, or simply to individuals, to ensure the safety of this type of clientele.
    Training includes:

  • How to properly analyze threat assessment
  • Situation reading
  • How to report all relevant information possible to ensure that individuals at risk, will be informed and as safe as possible
  • Ambush techniques
  • Armoured deployment techniques
  • How to sweep areas for cameras, listening devices and other surveillance tools
  • Detection work in explosives, narcotics, accelerants and firearms
  • Deployment of multiple targets for live theatre work
  • Crowd control and secondary target control techniques

    The length of the course depends on the needs of the organization or individuals. Training is taught by our staff that is all from military and or security background. This type of training is both physically and mentally demanding. We will offer specialized training programs to fit the needs of any organization. We work closely with clients to ensure their requirements are met. We reserve the right to deny training to anyone or any agencies upon our discretion.

    If you have a comment or a question regarding our facility or training dates please feel free to send it to us using the form provided below:

    Your Email Address Please:

    Your Comment or Question:


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