Company Profile

Baden K-9 is a family operated and owned business, which was started 30 years ago.

Baden K-9 is a Christian based company and has developed a sustaining training philosophy over the years. Baden has a unique approach which draws on their spiritual life to guide their training of both dogs and handlers.

Baden K-9 has supplied Working Service Dogs to families, military, law enforcement agencies, security firms, worldwide.

  • Why Choose Baden

    We have been in business for about 35 years. Baden is totally committed to providing the finest and most capable working service dogs in the world.  Whether you are purchasing a dog for home/personal protection or for use in hostile areas, each client is treated with the same degree of professionalism. Baden's dogs have been used with great success as service dogs to soldiers and law officers, guides for the blind and disabled, prote...
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    Be sure to visit our other sites: WORKING SERVICE DOGS DUTCH SHEPHERDS and our BELGIAN SHEPHERDS page. The following links are meant for the users convenience only. BADEN K9 Incorporated, has no control over and is not responsible for the content found on external sites that do not belong to BADEN K9 Incorporated. GRAYMAN KNIVES Show your support for the troops working to protect our freedoms. Visit O...
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  • References

    The following are some of the letters received with regards to our K-9's and the training. The names of these departments will be given to other verified departments. Please contact us and leave a name and phone number. From: ______, To: Subject: Date: February 1, 2001 10:59 PM Mike & Emmy, Again thank you very much for the time I spent at your facility ! It is just more t...
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  • Legal Notice

    BADEN and the name MIKE McCONNERY are both registered trademarks by Baden K-9 Incorporated (hereafter called Baden). The use of either of these names are infringements of the trademark regulations and will result in legal action. The following rules and regulations apply to all users of this Web Site. By accessing this Web Site, you acknowledge acceptance of these terms and conditions. BADEN reserves the right to change thes...
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