Remembrance Day

Posted Nov 5th, 2015

Another bleak and gray November whispers softly…. remember

Dreams and love of life now past, once again demand at last…remember.

What price was given in field and town, when hell itself came raining down…remember.

If all the world ignores November, the earth itself will pause to…remember.

We, who give but minutes three, would not this day be thinking free…remember.

©Mike McConnery/Baden K-9 Incorporated

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Nobodys Dogs

Posted Aug 19th, 2015

It is said that the written word they say is mightier than the sword. I am not certain if this is true in this day and age.

Today the written word is broken down into short forms used by fools and remembered by few. What then I ask myself is the value in writing?

It is to me a footprint left behind not only to say that once I was here but also to stand on ground where common sense took root.

My life has been spent with dogs for many years and in those years I have seen and heard many things. Some of which I agreed with and all of which learned from.

This past month has led me to think that the dog deserves much better than it is getting from the land of man.

The dog is not a computer that brings one into a make believe land or does not react to the stupidity of the hand on the lead. No the dog is a living, breathing feeling creature that reflects the human soul and magnifies human character.

To say that I am tired of my fellow man and his attitude towards reality and the dog would be an ever growing truth in a statement.

People do not see the manifestation of their own weaknesses and pure arrogant stupidity in their dogs.

"My dog is too protective, my dog is not protective enough. My dog won’t come when I call him. I can’t trust my dog, I can’t rely on my dog" these are just a few statements I have recently heard people say. The dog remains quiet of course never offering an opinion as to the "why" of these seeming problems.

I know why.

Up to now I have kept myself from telling these people the "why" of their troubles. That however is no longer going to be the case.

I feel I owe it to the dogs to speak up. These dogs known as "nobody's dogs".

There are some things deeper than cookies and balls can reach. They require character and responsibility to enter into the human aspect.

Blame is not on the dog but the person. Just as a solution takes an action more than the flapping of a tongue can provide.

When you close your computer your dog is still there. What do you feel he deserves from you?

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Sometimes We Have to Think

Posted Jun 9th, 2015 in General

The world that I knew as a boy has disappeared. Faded into memory but not lost
to mind. Some would say that we have progressed and that today is much better than days of the past. In some ways they would be correct, but not in all ways. To think that yesterday was full of good and friendly people would not be true, simply because it was not. I must say though that good and bad, right and wrong were easier defined in days past. Moral identity existed and stood up and out more readily identifiable than today. People had more skills and knowledge than opinions. Yet in all the chaos of today we are I believe becoming closer to the truth than ever before.

 Christians are discovering a deep need for the truth, and they are finding it by simply being still. Our lives with Christ encompass all of our lives. This means our work, our play our very being and it does not involve anything from us but honesty in our search. I believe we are being awakened to the truths of Jesus Christ and not the politics of religion. if we stop to think about it, in this, today is brighter than yesterday. 

©Mike McConnery/Baden K-9 Incorporated June 9, 2015

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Posted Apr 8th, 2015 in General

Originally posted in 2004.

To the dog what is good is good and that which is bad is bad. He does not try to foolishly cover up the world's darkness with promises all too empty or make excuses. Instead he holds at bay or confronts the evildoer with all his heart and all his might. Man could indeed learn from this.

As a good shepherd the dog keeps his flock free from wolves. It is only man who fools himself into believing the wolves of this world can run with the sheep. The wolf only knows how to prey on the sheep therefore he must be removed.

In our world we reason that treated gently and with trust, the world will change. We wait, making excuses as the wolves slaughter the sheep one after another. The dog is not so confused in his reasoning. The world is a wolf, a sheep is a sheep. The dog reacts to save the flock. He gives his loyalty freely. We must learn this lesson before we can truly work with our dog as a team member. Black is black and white is white. There is no grey area.

When man and dog start their relationship it is like watching footprints in the shining fresh snow. First, man prints stand-alone. The dogs prints are seen to criss cross as he runs back and forth trying to find his place. Later the prints are seen side by side. Every so often you can see the dogs prints circle the mans as the relationship strengthens. Finally the dogs prints are inter mingled with the mans as he guides his human friend through life's pathways. Here too, you can see places where the tracks seem jumbled. This is the very place where they have paused to share a gentle word or soft hand.

As all who read this can tell I look or try to look beyond the wet nose and soft eyes of my canine friends. I believe them to be a mirror of our souls. A bridge to human kindness. An interpreter of a language we have long forgotten. A gentle word for our fellow man.

With my dog I can go anywhere. He is an ambassador, a protector, a companion, a friend, a confidant and an alarm against unseen danger. Together we can be of service in a burdened time; apart we are alone, incomplete. Therefore, we continue together.

©Mike McConnery-Baden K-9 2004

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The Canceling of Christmas

Posted Apr 6th, 2015 in General

Over the past few years I seem to be hearing more and more of schools or school boards or organizations either canceling Christmas or suggesting its cancellation. I wonder to myself first if those involved in this: A-really know what Christmas is and B-think that they have the power or authority to actually affect its coming let alone cancel it.

Let us first look at what Christmas really is. It is a date that the Christian community identifies with the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Just as His actual birth could not be stopped the power behind Christmas can not be detoured. You see it’s not physical, it’s "spiritual". Beyond the power and comprehension of man, so how can he then stop it? You can’t touch Christmas physically, but Christmas can touch you spiritually.

The simple interpretation of Christmas must first be understood then celebrated in accordance to that understanding. This then calls for all Christians to in faith identify with the significant meaning of Christmas and not to the interpretation of others. Then, if we look at the "spiritual" aspects of Christmas, we will see that man has absolutely no power or authority to stop, start or effect Christmas in any way.

It is a Holy time. A time when the earth seems to hold its breath.

We as Christians must not be ashamed of our Christ. We are not to be boastful, arrogant or harsh, but we are to be faithful, strong and unwavering. Yes, just as we find faith and comfort in the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior on Christmas, we too should find humor and hope in the fact that some seek to cancel it.

If there was no more to Christmas than gifts and food, no one would oppose it. This too is spiritual.

To all I say "Merry Christmas" and may God Bless us all as Christians with the real gifts of "faith and hope and the courage to use both".

©Mike McConnery-Baden K-9, November 17,2014

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