The Canceling of Christmas

Posted Apr 6th, 2015 in General

Over the past few years I seem to be hearing more and more of schools or school boards or organizations either canceling Christmas or suggesting its cancellation. I wonder to myself first if those involved in this: A-really know what Christmas is and B-think that they have the power or authority to actually affect its coming let alone cancel it.

Let us first look at what Christmas really is. It is a date that the Christian community identifies with the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Just as His actual birth could not be stopped the power behind Christmas can not be detoured. You see it’s not physical, it’s "spiritual". Beyond the power and comprehension of man, so how can he then stop it? You can’t touch Christmas physically, but Christmas can touch you spiritually.

The simple interpretation of Christmas must first be understood then celebrated in accordance to that understanding. This then calls for all Christians to in faith identify with the significant meaning of Christmas and not to the interpretation of others. Then, if we look at the "spiritual" aspects of Christmas, we will see that man has absolutely no power or authority to stop, start or effect Christmas in any way.

It is a Holy time. A time when the earth seems to hold its breath.

We as Christians must not be ashamed of our Christ. We are not to be boastful, arrogant or harsh, but we are to be faithful, strong and unwavering. Yes, just as we find faith and comfort in the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior on Christmas, we too should find humor and hope in the fact that some seek to cancel it.

If there was no more to Christmas than gifts and food, no one would oppose it. This too is spiritual.

To all I say "Merry Christmas" and may God Bless us all as Christians with the real gifts of "faith and hope and the courage to use both".

©Mike McConnery-Baden K-9, November 17,2014


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