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Originally posted in 2004.

To the dog what is good is good and that which is bad is bad. He does not try to foolishly cover up the world's darkness with promises all too empty or make excuses. Instead he holds at bay or confronts the evildoer with all his heart and all his might. Man could indeed learn from this.

As a good shepherd the dog keeps his flock free from wolves. It is only man who fools himself into believing the wolves of this world can run with the sheep. The wolf only knows how to prey on the sheep therefore he must be removed.

In our world we reason that treated gently and with trust, the world will change. We wait, making excuses as the wolves slaughter the sheep one after another. The dog is not so confused in his reasoning. The world is a wolf, a sheep is a sheep. The dog reacts to save the flock. He gives his loyalty freely. We must learn this lesson before we can truly work with our dog as a team member. Black is black and white is white. There is no grey area.

When man and dog start their relationship it is like watching footprints in the shining fresh snow. First, man prints stand-alone. The dogs prints are seen to criss cross as he runs back and forth trying to find his place. Later the prints are seen side by side. Every so often you can see the dogs prints circle the mans as the relationship strengthens. Finally the dogs prints are inter mingled with the mans as he guides his human friend through life's pathways. Here too, you can see places where the tracks seem jumbled. This is the very place where they have paused to share a gentle word or soft hand.

As all who read this can tell I look or try to look beyond the wet nose and soft eyes of my canine friends. I believe them to be a mirror of our souls. A bridge to human kindness. An interpreter of a language we have long forgotten. A gentle word for our fellow man.

With my dog I can go anywhere. He is an ambassador, a protector, a companion, a friend, a confidant and an alarm against unseen danger. Together we can be of service in a burdened time; apart we are alone, incomplete. Therefore, we continue together.

©Mike McConnery-Baden K-9 2004


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