Sometimes We Have to Think

Posted Jun 9th, 2015 in General

The world that I knew as a boy has disappeared. Faded into memory but not lost
to mind. Some would say that we have progressed and that today is much better than days of the past. In some ways they would be correct, but not in all ways. To think that yesterday was full of good and friendly people would not be true, simply because it was not. I must say though that good and bad, right and wrong were easier defined in days past. Moral identity existed and stood up and out more readily identifiable than today. People had more skills and knowledge than opinions. Yet in all the chaos of today we are I believe becoming closer to the truth than ever before.

 Christians are discovering a deep need for the truth, and they are finding it by simply being still. Our lives with Christ encompass all of our lives. This means our work, our play our very being and it does not involve anything from us but honesty in our search. I believe we are being awakened to the truths of Jesus Christ and not the politics of religion. if we stop to think about it, in this, today is brighter than yesterday. 

©Mike McConnery/Baden K-9 Incorporated June 9, 2015


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