Nobodys Dogs

Posted Aug 19th, 2015

It is said that the written word they say is mightier than the sword. I am not certain if this is true in this day and age.

Today the written word is broken down into short forms used by fools and remembered by few. What then I ask myself is the value in writing?

It is to me a footprint left behind not only to say that once I was here but also to stand on ground where common sense took root.

My life has been spent with dogs for many years and in those years I have seen and heard many things. Some of which I agreed with and all of which learned from.

This past month has led me to think that the dog deserves much better than it is getting from the land of man.

The dog is not a computer that brings one into a make believe land or does not react to the stupidity of the hand on the lead. No the dog is a living, breathing feeling creature that reflects the human soul and magnifies human character.

To say that I am tired of my fellow man and his attitude towards reality and the dog would be an ever growing truth in a statement.

People do not see the manifestation of their own weaknesses and pure arrogant stupidity in their dogs.

"My dog is too protective, my dog is not protective enough. My dog won’t come when I call him. I can’t trust my dog, I can’t rely on my dog" these are just a few statements I have recently heard people say. The dog remains quiet of course never offering an opinion as to the "why" of these seeming problems.

I know why.

Up to now I have kept myself from telling these people the "why" of their troubles. That however is no longer going to be the case.

I feel I owe it to the dogs to speak up. These dogs known as "nobody's dogs".

There are some things deeper than cookies and balls can reach. They require character and responsibility to enter into the human aspect.

Blame is not on the dog but the person. Just as a solution takes an action more than the flapping of a tongue can provide.

When you close your computer your dog is still there. What do you feel he deserves from you?


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