The following are some of the letters received with regards to our K-9's and the training.
The names of these departments will be given to other verified departments.

Please contact us and leave a name and phone number.

From: ______,


Date: February 1, 2001 10:59 PM

Mike & Emmy,

Again thank you very much for the time I spent at your facility ! It is just more than a train facility, the people that live and work there are the greatest and will never be forgotten. ______ is doing just fine here, he is the hit of the town. He puts a new meaning to working dogs with his social attitude and then with a change of voice and attitude direct him right into full swing to get the job done. I spoke to you today and when I got to work took the "dope" and used it on the vehicles, he worked fine! I then took him inside and worked him, he found the dope with no problem. I see that I have to slow down a little and read the dog more while working in a heated environment. I will continue to work him and if any problems you know who I will call. I had taken Joshua's advise and activated the "dope" first as it has been dormant for a long time, this helped a lot.

I hope_____ is doing fine with ______" and wish to make arrangements to come back later when ____ and _____ will be there in the fall.

Please send any references needed to my attention as I will advise them they are not making a mistake by choosing your facility!

That is if they are truly looking for a working dog and not a play thing!

The dogs are only part of the training it is the handler that has to open up and view this kind of training as the really world.

Thank you again for the training that I received at your facility.






Date: February 24, 2001 2:04 PM


I introduced _____ to the Sheriff's yesterday. He thought he was great. He also commented that, "We" never had a dog with such a great disposition" I told him a little about_____ and the style of training we received from you._____ came up to him as he was sitting in his chair, leaned into him and the Sheriff petted him for a good five minutes. _____ also saw the Under-sheriff, Chief, all the Majors and Captains. They all thought he was great. The Sheriff is planning a news conference and swearing in ceremony in the next couple of weeks at H.Q. I let you know when it is.

_____ had his first bail out of the car last night. I had to arrest an into x for

Disorderly Conduct that refused to leave the area on a fight call. I was out of the car and left the window opened. I grabbed his arm and told him he was under arrest. He pulled away from me and screamed a couple of nice words.____ deployed through the front window and came through three other officers to me. He went into a plutz while I searched and cuffed him. When I turned the guy around to put him in a patrol car the guy started to yell. He didn't want to get into the patrol car and started to tense up. _____came out of the plutz and almost took the guy in the leg. I told him he was O.K. and put him in a plutz. He did a great job and sensed the guy becoming combative. The best is when the three officers came up to me and told me how

impressed they were with the way_____ responded . I have to be honest that I looked at their faces when he first came out and they were looking a little nervous not knowing what to expect. I'm really proud of him. People are kidding me all the time when the meet me when I'm working because he is so quiet. I just tell them that he is relaxing for,"The Big One." It's nice not having him not bouncing off the inside of the car . His bomb work is coming along really well. He is sitting on his own on almost every hit. Say Hi to everyone for me and I'll talk to you soon





Date: December 13, 2000 8:24 PM

Dear Mike,

I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we are all falling in love with _____. He fits into our family perfectly I can never thank-you enough for that. I hope when training is over we have the best K-9 team _____________ has ever seen.

Thank-you again.


From: <>


Subject: ______ first find

Date: February 18, 2001 1:33 PM

I thought I would let you know that ______ had his first find last night on only his second job since we have been back to work. ( No longer a virgin) It was a track of a suicidal male. He did a great job on the track. It was similar to the bush on your property. Woods, thorns and water. I'll talk to you soon.

_____ & ______ p