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December 10th-2016

This will be the final seminar for 2016. It's hard to believe another year has all but past.

We will be covering equipment uses and doing drills putting theory to the test and we will also be discussing the proper uses of vocals and the actual character of the dog.

Price $150.00 per dog handler team. $50.00 per every additional dog.
Spectators pay full seminar price.

No cell phones permitted. This applies to anyone attending the course. We define the term 'cell phone' as any handheld electronic device with the ability to receive and or transmit voice, text or data messages without a cable connection. While attending this or any other course at Baden you may not use any cameras, video and audio recording devices, or video or recording features of cell phones MP3 Players or personal digital assistants with wireless communications capabilities (PDAs) or other digital devices that contain such capabilities. By attending this course you agree to these terms. There will be no exceptions.